Appassionato Music Academy in Hurstville aims to give a complete music education for children and adults alike. We provide music lessons in piano, violin, singing, guitar, choir, group lessons and more, for academic purposes as well as for leisure. While developing a good playing technique and getting excellent examination results are important, the Academy desires to enhance students by nurturing each student's music potential. Our teachers are dedicated and motivated in inspiring in each student a profound appreciation for music and a love for practising the instrument that goes beyond external motivation.


Each weekly lesson has an immediate goal of teaching a particular aspect of music, however we always maintain a long term belief that educating young people in music will develop beneficial and important life skills, such as self expression, enjoyment of music, patience, persistence, strength of character, and develop a hard work ethic.


Teachers of Appassionato Music Academy equally share a strong passion for music, nevertheless, the students' needs are always at the forefront of the curriculum development, and each teacher passes on their musical skills by first focussing on the needs of each student. Positive relationships between parents, students and teachers is an integral part of the music education at Appassionato Academy. It is in this kind of atmosphere that Appassionato achieves its aim in educating the next generation of musicians, as shared in the testimonies from various teachers, students, and parents on our forum page.



Monday-Friday 10 am-8 pm

​Saturday 9am-6pm

Sunday Special arrangement


69 Hodge St, Hurstville NSW 2220

(02) 9150 5794


                 The Beethoven room

          The Mozart room

          The Chopin room

Appassionato Music Academy