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  Group Classes Program    

Group classes help children assimilate complex musical elements in a fun learning framework.


Group music classes for the 2 years old - 5 years old "Growing Maestros":


These classes focus on introducing musical notions to young children. It aims to get the children involved in the music, to practise music making, and to experience musical elements through movements. We want to put an emphasis on children-teacher-music interaction, and less reliance on recorded music. Minimal recorded music will be used as accompaniment to some eurythmic exercises, and to introduce some classical music pieces. Children will learn in a fun play environment to explore and assimilate some complex classical music principles. Our hope is for these children to later start an instrument with strong foundations in the basics of music. Lessons are approximately 45 min long.


“Growing Maestros”课程主要集中引导婴幼儿了解基本的音乐知识,使其近距离的接触音乐,弹奏音乐作品,通过练习感受音乐元素。取代“以听为主”的传统教学法,我们更强调师生之间的互动。在运用少量音乐伴奏配合节奏练习的同时,还会介绍一些古典音乐作品。孩子们将通过有趣的游戏形式,来学习和了解一些复杂的古典音乐理论知识。我们希望为这些孩子今后的乐器学习打下良好的音乐基础。每节课时约45分钟。


Class time: 

Monday (2 y.o.- 4 y.o.) : 10.40 am

Wednesday (3 y.o - 5 y.o.) : 9.30 am

Thursday (4 y.o - 6 y.o. ) : 4.30 pm

Fee: $8 per class payable per term, or

         $12 per lesson payable at each lesson. 


Solfeggio class: fortnightly on Wednesday at 5 pm.

Primary school age children can join this solfeggio class. It aims to develop children's aural skills, singing ability, memory, and making music as a group. It includes some solfeggio work, and introduces a wide variety of educational and performing songs, incorporating some Dalcroze-based movement to music exercises. This is also a performance practice class as students perform  on their instrument  for the whole class.


Each  session is approximately 45 minutes long.

Fee: Free for students enrolled in instrumental lessons.


French class : Friday at 4.00 pm.

This class aims to develop fluency in French through real conversations and listening to French songs.

Drawing class: Friday at 4.45pm.

Children learn drawing technique and how to use colours on different medium.





Individual instrumental lessons

School holiday music camp


Open instrumental group lessons by the school director

Term concerts

Annual concert

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One to one lessons available on the following instruments:

piano and Suzuki piano, violin, singing, guitar, speech & drama for children and adults of

all ages.

Fees payable per term:

$18 for 15 min

$24 for 20 min

$35 for 30 min

$52.50 for 45 min

$70 for 60 min


Fees payable after each lesson:

$19 for 15 min

$25.5 for 20 min

$38 for 30 min

$56.50 for 45 min

$75 for 60 min


Please note: 15 min and 20 min lessons are only recommended for the 3-4 years old.


Fees for piano lessons with the school director range from $80-$100 depending on the students' level.



New students and parents are welcome to observe any classes prior to enrolling into their chosen instruments or group classes. Please take an appointment with Anna if you wish to do so.



Cancellation / missed lesson policy:

1. There is no make up lesson for a missed group lesson.

2. A make up lesson can be arranged for individual lessons with 24 hours notice in advance.

3. A refund or credit of the paid fee can be arranged in certain exceptional circumstances such as sudden hospitalisation or moving overseas.

4. In the case that the teacher is sick or unable to conduct the lesson, a make up lesson or credit towards the next term will be arranged. 

5. Make up lessons might not be with the student's current teacher, however whenever possible the student's teacher will arrange to do the make up lesson.


For any inquiries, please call Anna on 9150 5794 or email
























       Alice, 13 y.o., g.8, with Sophia Cai

Our annual students concert at Pitt Street Uniting Church, Sydney.

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