From past teachers:


''Piano lessons in Anna's studio give the student an opportunity to develop their natural abilities and potential in music. Anna's energetic enthusiasm, professionalism and love for music is clear in her teaching. She engages the children in fun active learning. She made sure the students improved by next lesson. As her assistant teacher, she updates me and gives detailed directions weekly on each student, making sure they are doing the right way of practice, and hence make improvement week after week. Her passion and love of teaching had made a great influence to me as her assistant and to all of her students I believe, and fosters in them a lifelong love for music. Anna is an experienced teacher, with boundless energy, total mastery of her subject and infectious enthusiasm. Highly recommended"  - Casey Soe, piano teacher, 2011-2014



From past students:


"I thoroughly enjoyed my learning experience with Anna and attended lessons with her for about 7 years. She was very helpful and instructive through my high school music development, my AMEB examination progression, and my Music Education degree at UNSW. Her music expertise is impressive and inspiring for me and others. My lesson experiences were professional and I appreciated having teachers who were very approachable. Lessons were enjoyable and manageable through stressful times. I developed a great passion for pieces within the Romantic and Classical periods and enjoyed learning how to appropriately express the correct musical techniques of those eras. I was able to develop in my musical and technical abilities on the piano. I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn in such a positive and helpful environment."  Anne Veron, piano student 2007-2014.


"As a student of Anna for approximately 10 years, I am really thrilled to hear that she is opening a music school and would fervently recommend her services to any students looking to pick up music as a casual interest or professionally. Anna offers an exceptional depth of skill and paired with her passion for music and her teaching techniques, promotes a healthy, inspiring and comfortable environment for learning. To this day, I am proud to say that Anna was my piano teacher!" --- Samantha Li, piano student 2001-2011.


From parents of preschoolers:

"Gemma began piano lessons with Anna when she was 3.5 years old. Anna has been wonderful, she has amazing early childhood teaching skills and eased Gemma into piano using techniques such as singing, musical games, equipment and some fun toys. Gemma loves coming everyweek and enjoys the homework tasks she receives when she leaves."  Sandra, mother of Gemma, piano student, 2014-now.


From parents of current students:

"Anna knows how to teach music to the children. She is patient, firm and knows the techniques to get the students to learn and practise the skills. Anna pays attention to detail and focuses on getting the basics correct right from the start, such as fingering and posture. She encourages the students to challenge themselves and always ensures that students are enjoying learning the piano". Tania Kirkland, mother of Matthew, 11 y.o, Emma, 9 y.o. and Ryan, 7 y.o., piano students 2012-now.



From the seniors retiree students:


"I started taking up piano lessons with Anna after I retired from work. Her method of teaching is excellent because of her strong background, having trained in France and Russia. Now I am able to play the pieces I longed to play when I was a child." - Soen Mulligan, piano student, 2006 to now.


"Since I was a child I have wanted to learn to play the piano.  My dream has started since I retired and since I found Anna. Every week, I look forward to my lesson as Anna helps me to learn style, technique and to hit the right notes. It’s a joy to study with such an accomplished pianist and positive teacher. Her enthusiasm and support is everything I need to achieve my dream".  Jeanette Bourke, piano student, 2014-now.




From professional musicians:


“I am very pleased to hear of the opening of a new music school by Anna Damayanti. She is a musician with an impressive background and a person of great integrity. I wish her luck in her new venture and I could recommend any student of any level into her hands.”































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